Hear and see - the orchestra records:

"The Jewish Baroque" - "The Voice of the Soul" by K.J. Liderti (Amsterdam)

D. Buxthode - Sonata for Three, BuxWV 261 (Hamburg, 1696)

K. C. Liderti - from the Purim oratorio "Esther" (Amsterdam, 1730)

A. Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 4 in B flat major from Opus 6 (Rome, 1712)

Special for the performance of the oratorio "Cain" - the singers of "Mitar Opera Studio" answer all the most intriguing questions!

What is the challenge in performing baroque (compared to classical/romantic)?

How is your social life affected by your profession?

What interests me about baroque music?

What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you when you served?

Are we more inclined to perform baroque operas today?
(compared to regular operas)?

In which language do you prefer to sing?

When did you know that music was your calling?

What is your work routine at home – and how does it affect the neighbors?

Which composer and work do you particularly like from the Baroque period?

What is it like to sing a male role as a woman (or vice versa)?

In what way do you see a mission in music?

When and how did you start singing opera?