Bach Festival 8 | March 2024


Between March 18th and 23rd, 2024, the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra will present the 8th edition of the Bach Festival – an annual event that brings to  Jerusalem and stages throughout Israel the best of the works of the great Baroque composer. Those will be performed alongside the music of composers who influenced him, those influenced by him, as well as contemporary musicians who resonate his legacy to this day.

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The festival shows

"With Drums & Trumpets" | Main Concert
Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra | Paul Goodwin (England) - Conductor | Keren Motzeri (Netherlands-Israel) - Soprano | Hamish McLaren (England) - Alto | Richard Resch (Germany) - Tenor | Guy Pelc (Israel) - Bass | Choir Soloists: Naomi Burla-Levy - Soprano, Dorin Sasson - Alto, Jamil Freij - Tenor, Roi Vitz - Bass

Rehovot | Thursday 19.3.24 at 13:00 | Sela Hall (Weizmann Institute)

Jerusalem | Wednesday 20.3.24 at 20:00 | International YMCA Auditorium

Haifa | Thursday 21.3.24 at 20:00 | Rappaport Hall

Tel Aviv | Friday 22.3.24 at 13:00 | Zucker Hall (Heichal Hatarbut)

  • Tönet, ihr Pauken! Erschallet, Trompeten! BWV 214

  • Auf, schmetternde Töne der muntern Trompeten, BWV 207a

The program will focus on two festive secular cantatas, drawn from Bach's closest repertoire to the opera genre – works composed for celebratory occasions, where the brilliance shines even brighter with virtuosic and particularly beautiful trumpet roles, with additional wind and percussion instruments. Between the two cantatas, a selection of instrumental pieces (including grandiose opening movements) from other cantatas by Bach will be performed, including excerpts from the Easter Oratorio. Together, they will create an exciting and exhilarating "Bachian" experience on stage.
"The Godfather" - a chamber program of the "Tel Aviv Baroque & More Ensemble"
Drora Bruck & Edith Paz - Recorders | Marina Minkin - Harpsichord
  • Bach - Overture from Cantata 156, Aria from Cantata 81, Trio Sonata BWV 527, Suite BWV 997, and Chromatic Fantasy.
  • Telemann - Trio Sonatas and Sonata for Two Recorders.
A chamber program which will present the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, against those of Georg Philipp Telemann - a renowed composer of its own who also entered into the circle of the Bach family - as a godfather to Sebastian's second son.
Jerusalem | International YMCA - Conference Hall
Omri Mor X Bach | Unique Piano Recital
Omri Mor - Piano
Pianist and composer Omri Mor takes listeners on a surprising and fascinating musical journey - from Bach through Gershwin to original music influenced by jazz, world music, and more.
Jerusalem | International YMCA - Conference Hall
"I will not let you go" | Mottets & Premiere
Conductor: Anat Aharoni | Udiana Choir | Soloists of the JBO
  • Bach - Motets "Ich lasse dich nicht", "Jesu, meine Freude", and "Lobet den Herrn" (BWV 1164, 227, and 230)
  • Eitan Steinberg - Premiere of the composition "In die salutis"
  • Choral music by C. Monteverdi, H. Schütz, and J.M. Bach
Alongside Bach's famous motets and the profound music of the great Baroque composers, Eitan Steinberg's new composition will be premiered. He describes it: "The composition is based on Isaiah chapter 49 in two aspects: the Yemenite melody of the chapter's reading, which serves as inspiration for the violin and cello parts, and the sentences from the chapter performed by the choir in Latin. The well-known phrase 'Your destroyers and devastators will depart from you' appears here in the biblical sense and in the spirit of Isaiah's comforting prophecy: that the destroyers will depart and vanish." The composition was commissioned by the Udiana Choir and conductor Anat Aharoni, who says: "In each program, we try to integrate an Israeli composition specially invited by the choir for the concert. This allows us to connect with contemporary Israeli music and provides an additional dimension to the concert within the context of the present."
Jerusalem | St. Andrews Church (The Scotish)
"Who is Like unto Thee in Heaven" | Closing Concert
Richard Resch (Germany) - Tenor | Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra
  • Buxtehude – "Herr, wenn ich nur Dir habe" BuxWV 38
  • Bruhns – "Wein, ach wein"
  • Mattheson – "Ach, Absalom" from "Der Liebreiche Und Geduldige David"
  • Flor – New year's cantata "Redet untereinander"
a personal selection of spiritually profound and exceptionally beautiful works by German composers predating Bach - Buxtehude, Bruhns, Mattheson and more. Music whose beauty, perhaps not yet heard in Israel, is the true and deep roots from which Bach's music is drawn.
Jerusalem | International YMCA - Conference Hall
"Cantor & Musical Director" - Bach's Secular Cantatas

Original exhibition from the Bachhaus Museum of Eisenach, Germany - Free Entry!

The 3 Arches Hotel - International YMCA, 26 King David st. Jerusalem